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Complaint Processes

The Seaford Board of Education:
1. recognizes the need for district personnel and, ultimately, the Board to be responsive to the complaints of its constituents - the citizens of the Seaford School District;
2. believes it is absolutely necessary for citizens to have both informal and formal avenues to follow in registering complaints;
3. endorses the concept that citizen complaints be resolved in as expeditious and constructive an atmosphere as possible via discussion of the issue(s);
4. requires that citizens follow appropriate organizational channels; and
5. expects that both district personnel and citizens will make good faith efforts to resolve complaints and do so at the organizational level closest to that which gave rise to the issue(s).
1. A citizen may formally complain a decision that he/she alleges is a misapplication of a State or a Seaford Board of Education policy or regulation or a school-level rule provided: a. the citizen has been directly and adversely affected in some tangible manner; b. the decision giving rise to the complaint can be corrected; and c. the citizen seeks to resolve the issue with the appropriate school or district personnel consistent with the procedures set forth in the accompanying regulation.
2. Decisions of school officials which are discretionary and/or involve the professional judgment of the decision maker are not subject to appeal pursuant to the complaint process set forth in the accompanying regulation.
3. Student disciplinary decisions are not subject to appeal pursuant to the complaint process set forth in the accompanying regulation. The procedures regarding student disciplinary decisions are found in Board policies and regulations “Student Suspension” (JGD and JGD-R) and “Student Expulsion” (JGE and JGE-R).
4. The school official or the Seaford Board of Education, as appropriate, shall first determine whether a complaint brought forth by a citizen is consistent with the philosophy and provision of this policy and its accompanying regulation.