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Key Priorities & Goals

Seaford School District Goals
2018 - 2019

The Seaford School District will provide a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment.
The Seaford School District will provide rigorous opportunities for all students to achieve academic success.
The Seaford School District will employ a well-qualified, professional staff and provide them the tools to enhance their abilities to meet student needs in the classroom.
The Seaford School District will build and strengthen partnerships among families, school, and community.
The Seaford School District will engage in advance planning, with staff and community involvement, to develop budgets that will achieve the greatest educational returns in relation to dollars expended.
Seaford Board of Education Key Priorities
2018 - 2019
Monitor supports and develop skilled service providers in order to increase access to the general curriculum by students with disabilities. 
Establish educator pipelines through university partnerships and internal recruitment efforts by identifying top talent for teaching, teacher leadership, and administrator positions. 
Truancy has a negative impact on the graduation rate, and in most cases is an indicator of student dropouts.  The Seaford School District will implement additional interventions in addition to the SART process in an effort to increase student attendance and decrease truancy court referrals particularly at the secondary level.  The measure of success will be to decrease truancy court referrals by half. 
Develop a systematic approach for the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive maintenance and facilities plan focused on both the day to day operations and long-range goals to increase operational effectiveness, protect capital investment, ensure the health and safety of students, and support educational performance. 
Provide Seaford School District instructional staff high quality professional development opportunities which will lead to increased student success on local and state assessments. 
Continue to advance a robust communication and information system to assist the District in meeting core organizational objectives, expand outreach opportunities, and to strengthen relationships among our schools, personnel, and district through effective communication with employees, families, and the larger community.