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Key Priorities & Goals


2023 - 2024
Seaford School District
Priorities and Goals

The Seaford School District will:

● Employ and retain well qualified and diverse staff to provide high quality instructional opportunities for all students.

        • Goal - Recruit staff specific to building and district needs.
        • Goal - Create procedures to improve staff retention.
        • Goal - Implement high quality professional development aligned to the diverse academic needs of our students.


● Maintain a safe, positive environment for working and learning.

        • Goal - Identify, fund, and implement the use of safety equipment.
        • Goal - Create outside agency partnerships to provide mental health services in school.

● Provide accessible, equitable, and inclusive educational opportunities.

        • Goal - Decisions regarding special services programming will be made using data.
        • Goal - Empower students with the knowledge, resources, and support to achieve college and workforce readiness.

● Modernize the funding model for supporting district operations.

        • Goal - Implement an operating expense funding model for replacement, updates and acquisition of technology, safety equipment, etc.