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Key Priorities & Goals

Seaford School District Goals
2017 - 2018

The Seaford School District will provide a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment.
The Seaford School District will provide rigorous opportunities for all students to achieve academic success.
The Seaford School District will employ a well-qualified, professional staff and provide them the tools to enhance their abilities to meet student needs in the classroom.
The Seaford School District will build and strengthen partnerships among families, school, and community.
The Seaford School District will engage in advance planning, with staff and community involvement, to develop budgets that will achieve the greatest educational returns in relation to dollars expended.
Seaford Board of Education
2017 - 2018
Key Priorities
Design a sound and efficient system of resource allocation, management and accountability to assure all resources are properly focused; maintain a sustainable budget; support academic programs, student achievement; quality staff and prepare for  engagement with the community and General Assembly regarding our changing fiscal climate.
Create and implement a robust communication and information system to assist the District in meeting core organizational objectives and to strengthen relationships among our schools, personnel, and District through effective communication with employees, families, and the larger community. 
Explore and utilize resources that will enhance our services to students and parents of the Seaford School District community in order to provide a more stable school and home environment.
Increase proficiency scores for all students on state assessments by providing equitable services to all.