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Key Priorities & Goals


Goals and Priorities of the Seaford School District



Goal: The Seaford School District will provide a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment.


Key Priority: Develop a coordinated behavioral health delivery model to support the social and emotional well-being of students.


Key Priority: Update and implement an emergency response system aligned with state goals and partnerships.


Goal: The Seaford School District will create a culture of academic success for all students.


Key Priority: Implement high quality professional development aligned to the diverse academic needs of our students.


Key Priority: Empower students with the knowledge, resources, structures, and supports to achieve college and workforce readiness. 


Goal: The Seaford School District will implement a systematic approach to creating and evaluating policies and programs. 


Key Priority: Align funding and resources to advance technology, facilities, and student supports with stakeholder engagement.


Goal: The Seaford School District will employ and retain well-qualified and diverse staff.


Key Priority: Recruit staff specific to building and district needs and create procedures to improve staff retention.