Finance Office and Payroll

The goal of the Office of Administrative Services (OAS) is to efficiently and effectively manage Seaford School District resources to support the educational goals of the district.  The below information and presentation details the staff and responsibilities provided by OAS in supporting the district's key priorities:
Director of Administrative Services
Ms. Meaghan Brennan
302-629-4587, ext. 1430
Financial Secretary
Mrs. Teresa Craft
302-629-4587, ext. 1440
District Office/Clerk
Mrs. Myra Huff
302-629-4587, ext. 1500
Financial Secretary
Mrs. Jennifer Johnson
302-629-4587, ext. 1435
Financial Secretary
Ms. Amy Steele
302-629-4587, ext.1835
Financial Secretary
Mrs. Leslie Waldridge
302-629-4587, ext. 1445
The current year budget and monthly financial reports can be found on the Monthly and Yearly Financial Documents page.