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Incident at Seaford High School

Today, during a disciplinary procedure, the student support team at Seaford High School searched a student's property. This search revealed the presence of a firearm and a knife.

The School Resource Officer immediately intervened and detained the student, while the Seaford Police Department promptly responded to the school. The safety of all students and staff is paramount in our district, and swift action was taken to address the situation. The student was arrested and legal actions are being taken. Our school district is fully cooperating with law enforcement to ensure a thorough investigation into this matter. Disciplinary actions will be addressed per our Student Code of Conduct and Delaware State Law.

In response to this incident, the Seaford School District will be implementing our Weapons Detection System tomorrow morning at Seaford High School. In addition, these metal detectors will be utilized randomly throughout the rest of the school year. These measures are designed to add an extra layer of security to our school community.

We remain committed to providing a safe environment for all students and staff at Seaford High School and throughout our district. Any further updates will be communicated promptly.

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