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English Learners (EL)

The Vision:

The Seaford School District will advance all students linguistically and culturally, beginning at the earliest ages, to participate in a global community through effective communication, acceptance of new ideas, and by developing an international perspective.

All students, with home and school support, will attain high levels of proficiency in multiple languages while maintaining their native language.

Through their communication and actions, every staff member and student will demonstrate equal value of all languages and cultures.
Service Model:

The Seaford School District supports an asset-based model of EL student supports.  This includes a variety of instructional programs including dedicated EL support including opportunities to enroll in the Dual Immersion Language program and the Talented and Gifted Program.  Delaware Guiding Principles for High-Quality English Learner Education
The vision of EL support parallels the vision of the Seaford School District to empower diverse individuals to achieve personal success and become competent, productive, and responsible citizens. The Seaford School District continues to provide access to the literacy skills EL students and their families need.  This helps build a sense of community and strengthens the school-home relationships to address families' unique needs as they also support the academic and social progress of their students.