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To Parents

To the Parents of Students in the Seaford School District,

The Transportation Office is happy to serve you and your student by providing safe transport to and from our schools. We comply with the laws of the State of Delaware, which dictates which students are eligible to ride a public school bus. For example, elementary students outside of a one mile radius of the school are eligible for State busing. Secondary students (7th grade and above) must live two miles from the school in order to be eligible for State busing. These laws are set by the State legislature and are not discretionary.

The primary goal for transportation is to provide your student with a safe ride to and from our schools. In order to accomplish this goal, we make sure all of our drivers have met the criteria provided by law, such as specialized driver training, drug/alcohol testing, criminal background check, child protective services directory check, CDL licensing, 12 hour school bus training course and 6 hour on-the-road training with a Certified School Bus Driver Trainer.

Cameras and microphones are located on all of our buses, and we utilize them to ensure the safety on our buses. All students and parents are provided with a book of Transportation Guidelines, which outline expectations, as well as procedures to be followed in the event of concerns to be addressed. Your first contact should always be your driver (but not at the bus stop). If you are not satisfied with that discussion, please contact their employer, who is the contractor (owner) of the bus. If you still do not feel the problem is resolved, contact me, at the Transportation office, and I will work to address your concerns until we can resolve the issue.

We urge you to work closely with your student as well as your driver to ensure behavior expectations are met. Disruptions on the bus are a distraction that takes the drivers' attention away from the road, which is not a safe situation. Please make sure your students are aware of the expectations to abide by the bus rules and regulations.

Again, I am happy to be a part of the transportation team that will be providing safe services to your student. Bus transportation is a privilege, which can be revoked in the event students do not adhere to expected behaviors. We would prefer, however, that all students comply with the rules, and can ride safely to and from school regularly.

We are here to serve your student and you by providing this service. Thank you for choosing Seaford School District.

Kimberly Simmons
Transportation Supervisor
If your address changes, PLEASE notify your child's school of those changes.  Once the school has made these updates, the transportation office will be notified and we can begin routing your child to the new address.  This process can take up to 72 hours.  Please know that you will need to transport your child until the changes take place. Please do not just attempt to put your child onto the new bus.