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For Drivers

Dear Seaford School District Drivers,

We, at the Seaford School District, pride ourselves in the professional drivers who carry our students throughout the year. Our office strives to provide you with all information necessary to help you be successful as a professional school bus driver.

Each bus should have a BUS DRIVER HANDBOOK that gives you basic guidelines, as well as specific rules that must be followed for bus lineups, etc. Additionally, there are specific instructions on writing bus behavior referrals. If your bus does not have up to date information, please come to the District Office and we will make sure you get all of the information you need.

Your primary source of information should always be your contractor. However, we are always available, and willing to assist you with specific problems or provide you with resources to assist you.

Please remember that you are the adult authority on your bus and that students must comply with the rules of the bus. Our principals and associate principals will follow up to assist you in your efforts to discipline and maintain a good environment on the bus.
Our number one goal is to provide a safe transport for our students. Safety is FIRST! Good customer service to our students, families and school officials is a must. Please contact our office if you need help or assistance. 

Thanks you for serving the students of the Seaford School District.

Kimberly Simmons
Transportation Supervisor
302-629-4587 ext. 1930