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Homebound Instruction

Office of the Director of Special Education Programs and Services
Seaford School District
Seaford, Delaware

Students who have health impairments due to chronic or acute health problems (e.g., heart condition, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, nephritis, asthmatic sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, epilepsy, lead poisoning, leukemia, or diabetes), which are severe enough to limit strength, vitality, or alertness that adversely affect educational performance may be eligible for homebound services.

Students approved for enrollment in the homebound instructional program receive up to ten (10) hours of instruction per week. Students enrolled in the program are taught by certificated teachers who are pre-approved by the Director of Special Programs and Services. A student will be determined eligible for these services upon receipt of the appropriate documentation that includes a signed statement from a licensed physician, licensed clinical psychologist, or public health officer, indicating that the condition of the student prevents or renders inadvisable, attendance at school. All documentation is submitted to the Director of Special Programs and Services for verification and assignment of a homebound instructor.

If you have questions regarding homebound instruction, please contact:

Dr. James C. Bell Jr.
Director of Student Services
(302) 629-4587, extension 1550
email: [email protected]