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Preventing Bullying

Preventing Bullying

Bullying happens more than people think and affects students from elementary school through high school.

You can report bullying to your school with the report form provided at the top of this page and return it to the school principal. We also encourage you to review the District's current bully prevention policy (JICK) and supporting regulation (JICK-R).

If you have a concern regarding bullying, please contact your school principal.

  Blades Elementary, Dr. Kirsten Jennette

  Frederick Douglass Elementary, Mrs. Carol Leveillee,

  Seaford Central Elementary, Mrs. Becky Neubert,

  West Seaford Elementary, Mrs.Laura Schneider,

  Seaford Middle School, Mr. James Cave,

  Seaford High School, Mr. Jason Cameron,

You may also contact:

 Dr. James C. Bell Jr., Director of Student Services,
  Phone: (302) 629-4587

  Brian Moore, Program Manager
  Delaware Department of Education
  Phone: (302) 857-3358

Delaware Department of Justice
Bullying Prevention & School Crime Ombudsperson

For additional resources:

Delaware Department of Education Resources: