Aesop Information - Absence Reporting System

Teachers, paraeducators, secretaries and administrators in Seaford School District will utilize Frontline Absence Management (Aesop) through the link below to request absences and procure substitutes.  Each employee is provided with a login and are expected to record absences utilizing this system one hour prior to the start of their day.

Teachers, Paraeducators, Secretaries, Administrators - Login into Absence Management (AESOP) using the link below and your personally created UserName (not ten-digit phone number and four-digit pin):

If you cannot access AESOP to enter your absence online, you can call 1 (800) 942-3767 and use the automated system to enter your absence. (Use ten-digit phone number and four-digit pin)

Please contact Mrs. Sarah Hudson, Benefits, at [email protected].us or ext. 1745 for specific questions regarding access.