Policy Manual » School Board Governance and Operations (Section B)

School Board Governance and Operations (Section B)

BA          School Board Operational Goals [5/21/2012]

BA-E-1  School Board Operational Goals [5/1/2002]

BA-E-2  School Board Operational Goals [5/1/2002]

BAA       Evaluation of School Board/Board Self-Evaluation [10/25/1982]

BAA-R   Board Self-Evaluation [07/30/2013]

BAA-E   Board Self-Evaluation [06/19/2008]

BB           School Board Legal Status [11/10/2008]

BBA        Board Powers and Responsibilities [4/26/1982]

BBAA     Board Member Authority and Responsibilities [6/25/1979]

BBB        Board Membership - Elections/Appointment [9/23/1985]

BBB-R    Board Membership - Elections/Appointment [9/19/2008]

BBBB     Board Member Oath of Office [07/01/2009]

BBBC     Board Member Resignation [10/25/1982]

BBBE      Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies [1/12/2009]

BBBE-R Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies [7/19/2004]

BBBE-E  Unexpired Term Candidate Form [10/13/2004]

BBC        School Board Liability (Insurance) [10/8/2007]

BCA        Board Member Code of Ethics [8/16/2010]

BCB        Board Member Conflict of Interest [4/24/1989]

BDA       Board Organizational Meeting [6/25/1990]

BDB        Board Officers [9/25/2000]

BDD       Board-Superintendent Relationship [9/10/2007]

BDD-R   Board-Superintendent Relationship [9/11/2007]

BDF        Advisory Committees [10/11/2004]

BDF-R    Advisory Committees [2/7/1994]

BE           School Board Meetings [1/23/2006]

BE-R       School Board Meetings [9/16/2014]

BEC        Executive Sessions/Open Meetings (also KDB) [9/23/1985]

BEC-R    Executive Sessions [10/28/1985]

BED       Communication Among Board Members [4/27/2009]

BEDB     Agenda [12/17/2018]

BGA       Policy Development System [11/27/2000]

BGA-R   Board Policy Development [7/1/2001]

BGA-E   Board Policy Development [5/10/1982]

BGC       Policy Revision and Review [1/9/1984]

BHC        Board Communications with Staff (Also GBD) [11/26/2001]

BHC-R   Board-Staff Communications [5/18/2006] (Also GBD-R)

BIA         New Board Member Orientation/Handbook [10/22/2001]

BIA-R     New Board Member Orientation [5/3/2006]

BIB         Board Member Development Opportunities [1/23/1989]

BIB-R     Board Member Development Opportunities [10/14/1991]

BIBA      Board Member Conferences, Conventions, & Workshops [1/23/1989]

BID         Board Member Compensation and Expenses [10/8/2007]

BJ           School Board Legislative Program [07/21/2003]