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Citizens' Budget Oversight Committee

In an effort to promote fiscal transparency and community involvement in the budgetary process, the Seaford School District has established the Citizen's Budget Oversight Committee. The purpose of the committee is to advise the Seaford School Board on the oversight of the budget and the financial position of the district.  Committee members are volunteers who reside in the Seaford School District, who may serve for a two year appointment with an option at the end of the term to volunteer for an additional two year term.

Current committee members include:
Krista Bennett
Jason Cameron
Steve Henry
Sean Knowles
Amy Steele
David Tull
Jason Waldridge
Residents of the Seaford School district are welcome to volunteer for the Citizens' Budget Oversight Committee.  Applications will be accepted on an on-going basis in order to fill any vacancies.  Questions about volunteering or to submit an application for consideration can be directed to:
Meaghan Brennan, Director of Administrative Services
390 N. Market Street Extension, Seaford DE 19973