Statement from Dr. Miklus on social media threats

Good evening.  This is Dr. Corey Miklus, Superintendent of the Seaford SD.  I am calling this evening to inform you of events that have taken place in school districts across Delaware.  School districts across the state have received social media posts stating that threats of violence would occur in their schools.  The districts have worked with the police and all threats were deemed not credible. 

I want to reassure the community that student safety is our number one concern.  Because of the events occurring around the state we will work closely with Seaford PD to provide additional police presence at our schools to ensure student safety.  If threats are received, we will turn them directly over to the police.  Those caught posting threats of school violence will face prosecution.  Please encourage your child to tell a trusted adult if they receive a social media post referencing school violence and not to re-post it.