School Lunch Hero Day!!

May 1, 2020 is the "official" School Lunch Hero Day when child nutrition service (CNS) workers are honored across the country.  Never has the term hero been more appropriate to describe our CNS team than it is this year.  Since March 16th our CNS team has served over 37,000 meals to our students with school closed due to COVID-19.  Each day the CNS team works hard to make sure our students are fed, whether school is in session or not in session.  This year our heroes are on the front lines risking their health because making sure our students have the food they need is so important to them.  Mr. Mengel, our Supervisor of Child Nutrition, and his team have not slowed down and will continue to make sure our students have food to grab go form the food stops through out the district.  This year due to the closure some of our custodian team have joined forces with our CNS team to help with the food program during the school closure. So we not only congratulate and honor our CNS heroes today but also our custodians who have become honorary members of the CNS team this year.  Thank you for all you do and for your work on the front lines.  The Seaford School District and the Seaford Community are more appreciative than words could express.