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Course Reimbursement Request

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  • Applications may only be submitted one month prior to the applicable quarter for completion.
    Courses taken and completed:

    July 1 - Sept. 30th (1st Quarter) - Submission period is June 1st - June 30th

    Oct. 1 - Dec. 31st (2nd Quarter)- Submission period is Sept.1st - Sept. 30th

    Jan. 1 - Mar 31st (3rd Quarter)- Submission period is Dec. 1st - Dec. 31st

    April 1 - June 30th (4th Quarter) - Submission period is Mar. 1st - Mar. 31st

    Late submissions will not be accepted.
    It is the responsibility of the Delaware Department of Education to approve Graduate Level Salary Increments.  The approval of a course reimbursement request by the Seaford School District does not verify that this coursework is eligible for Graduate Level Salary Increments.  If you have questions about the eligibility of the coursework requested, please contact the Delaware Department of Education.  SEE:  Title 14 Education - Delaware Administrative Code - 700 Finance and Personnel - 728 Graduate Level Salary Increments


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It is understood that for Professional Staff, all courses (1) must relate to the employee's current assignment, (2) complement the individual's present assignment, or (3) be required for a specialized program in the field of educational administration/supervision.
For Support Staff, the courses must (1) relate to the individual's present assignment, (2) complement the present assignment, or (3) be required for certification for a higher level job classification within the field of education. 
Applications for prior approval and reimbursements shall be made in accordance with School Board Policy Regulations, GCBC-R and GDBD-R. For couses where a grade is assigned, a grade of "B" or better must be earned.

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