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Back-to-school Message

Dear Seaford School District Community:
School has started.
A number of signs have been appearing the last month in front of schools, stores, and along the highway announcing the beginning of another school year. The amount of preparation for this momentous occasion requires a great deal of behind-the-scenes work. Our custodian and maintenance staff have worked all summer in preparing our students and community with a positive first impression. This happens because of an energized and committed custodial and maintenance staff. When you walk into our schools you will see a building ready for occupation.
Following our dismissal for summer break this year a number of newspaper articles and information was distributed announcing Seaford School Districts’ steady growth in both ELA and mathematics scores on the state administered annual assessment. Secretary of Education Susan Bunting specified Seaford as one the “bright spots” in the state as the district scores have exceed state average and has seen our proficiency percentages climb 20 percent. As I stated at the time the state assessment results were released, The District has worked hard at bringing together a number of dynamics that are essential for student achievement. These include a supportive school board; a vision- driven district office staff; a strong building leadership; a committed teaching staff; an engaged student body and a caring school community. At the beginning of the school year we discussed the concept “Push Don’t Pity.” This model is grounded in the belief of high expectations for all students. It requires us as educators to accept the responsibility of each student’s learning experience and each student to believe they have the capacity to succeed. When added successfully together we have a sum of increasing student achievement.” When you walk into our schools you will see buildings and classrooms ready for instruction.
Over the past several years our district has seen an increase in development and attendance of our school activities. School parking lots and seats in the auditoriums have been filled during our concerts, plays, and student activities. Our food trucks have become a common and valuable part of our moving landscape as they provide lunches in the summer and food deliveries during the year. After school activities at our schools and through partnerships with the Boys and Girls club are well attended and continue to expand. The Latino Literacy Project at Blades Elementary was recognized by the State Chamber of Commerce as a winner in the State Superstars in Education. When you walk into our schools you will see buildings functioning to be the “hub” and “heart” of our community.
People are the lifeblood of our school system. The District’s student achievement has grown each of the past five years. The Secretary of Education and both Governor Carney and Governor Markell have recognized our district as a “ bright spot” in the state as the district scores have exceed state average. One of our teachers became Seaford’s second state teacher of the year after a 52-year drought. Dana Bowe has been an ambassador for her students and the entire district this past year. She epitomizes the type of teacher every parent wants for his or her child. Two of our elementary principals have been recognized as State of Delaware Elementary Principal of the Year and National Distinguished Principal. The remaining two elementary principals came to Seaford after receiving the recognition of National Distinguished Principal. Seaford’s Nutrition Services’ Julie Kirby has been recognized as the Mid-East Regional Manager of the Year- this is the second consecutive year this honor has been presented to Nutrition Services. When you walk into our school you will see people who care and work to provide the best for our students.
As we go through this school year I invite you to come into our schools and see the great things happening. Seaford School District is more than a “bright spot” it is the right spot.
Yours in education,
David P. Perrington