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Back-to-school Message

Dear Seaford School District Community:

Back-to-school is a time of excitement and a flurry of energy as our teachers and staff attend professional development and prepare their classrooms for our students’ arrival. The excitement was evident during our morning of celebration based on the results our students attained on the state assessment. Over the past several year Seaford School District has been among the state leaders in growth and proficiency. 

In math, the district with the strongest gains this year was Seaford, showing districtwide increase of about 5 percentage points, bringing its overall proficiency to 46 percent. Seaford also was second highest in the state in ELA gains, up 4 percentage points since last year to 54 percent. Seaford’s Frederick Douglass Elementary had the strongest math gains of any school in the state: more than 13-percentage point increase over last year. 

We are excited about the continuing progress our students are making. This type of progress is made possible through the efforts of many. The Seaford School District is fortunate to have strong and committed building leadership that believes all students will be successful. We have teachers and staff that believe they can make a difference and they do so each day with our students. The District has provided an environment where high quality curriculum resources and meaningful professional development is available and implemented with data driven focus. Our schools have become places of learning that provide enriching experiences for every student.

Scores on tests are not an end in itself; however, it is a strong indication of the academic progress and achievement of our students. Our students’ growth in academics is the result of high expectations; a positive and caring atmosphere and staff; and teachers accepting the personal responsibility for student learning. These characteristics hold the promise the district will continually improve at all grade levels. 

Throughout the school year it cannot be overstated the importance parents have on a successful school experience. Your interest in your child’s school experience and an open-line of communication with the school are valuable resources. The Seaford School District has planned many public participation events throughout the year, which will provide you an opportunity to witness and be a part of your child’s achievements. 

I look forward to working together to move our students forward and provide a successful educational experience for each student. 

Yours in Education,

David P. Perrington