COVID-19 Updates

We are providing a running timeline of all the updates announcements pertaining to the Seaford School District community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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City of Seaford COVID-19 Message

all 14 libraries in Sussex County will offer free WiFi hotspots outside each facility.  Users should look for the attached picture at the facility.


This may assist your students who need access to the internet.


The locations include:

  • Bridgeville
  • Delmar
  • Frankford
  • Georgetown (County West Complex Bldg.)
  • Greenwood
  • Laurel
  • Lewes
  • Milford
  • Millsboro
  • Milton
  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Seaford
  • Selbyville
  • South Coastal (Bethany)
public wifi hotspot
Call 2-1-1 for questions about Coronavirus

City of Seaford COVID-19 Message

The leaders of the City of Seaford have a video message in regards to the COVID-19 and its impact on the City of Seaford.

Revised 2019-20 School Calendar

Due to the COVID-19 closure of schools the Seaford Board of Education approved a revised calendar for the 2019-20 school year. Students and staff will work remotely during the week that was previously spring break.

City of Seaford COVID-19 Message

The leaders of the City of Seaford have a video message in regards to the COVID-19 and its impact on the City of Seaford.
Food Help During COVID-19

City of Seaford COVID-19 Message

The leaders of the City of Seaford have a video message in regards to the COVID-19 and its impact on the City of Seaford.

City of Seaford COVID-19 Message

The leaders of the City of Seaford have a video message in regards to the COVID-19 and its impact on the City of Seaford.

Aquila Emotional Support Line Shared with Seaford School Community

Aquila is offering a support line for youth and adults around behavioral health referrals and resources while people are feeling isolated and alone due to COVID-19. 
Need Encouragement?
Need Help Coping with stressful times?
Need service referrals?
Please call - Aquila of Delaware Emotional Support Line 302-266-2556
Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm
Continually Staffed by Clinicians & Peer Supports. 
It is not counseling or therapy per-say and does not take the place of crisis or emergency services. 
If in immediate need, please contact emergency services (911)

Student Services Provider Agency Updates during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Children and Families First

Phone: 302-856-2388
410 South Bedford Street, Georgetown, DE 19947

*Primary focus is Delaware children ages 0-18 who may experience adversity (such as poverty, family challenges, or abuse or neglect), as well as their caregivers.



Children & Families First staff educate the families we serve with the latest information and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Delaware Division of Health & Human Services (DHSS) including:

-All adults & children should increase hygiene procedures

-Thorough hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as often as possible

-Use of alcohol based hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available

-Cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues when coughing or sneezing, then wash your hands

-Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth

-Stay home if you are sick

-Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, and handrails regularly



-Children & Families First is minimizing program delivery disruption, taking a number of steps to deliver services as safely and effectively as possible because they recognize the importance of continuity in care for the families we serve.

-Implementing pre-screening tools before home visits and at the entrance doors of all our statewide facilities.

-Increasing the frequency and depth of disinfecting procedures throughout all of our statewide facilities.

-Sharing accurate and up-to-date information on health care access, including services available by phone, as well as coronavirus (COVID-19) testing and related coverage.

-Empowering our staff to work from home and supporting them with the best and most applicable tools



-Children & families First staff proactively responding to these uncertain times and the increased needs of our staff, children, families and community by doing what we have always done best: being who is needed, when we are needed, where we are needed.

-Connecting those we serve with critical support services beyond our own to help them through current challenges

-Offering financial support for back up child care needed by our essential staff

-Helping staff manage their own anxiety and trauma during these frightening times with our Trauma Response Team



Delaware Guidance Services

Phone: 302-262-3505


900 Health Services Drive, Seaford, DE 19973
*Delaware’s largest provider of non-residential mental health services for children and families.


“We at DGS would like to inform our clients and the community that we are taking precautions to reduce the likelihood of exposure to the coronavirus. These precautions include daily sanitizing of office surfaces, door handles, etc. with approved cleaning agents. We would also like to inform our clients that if they are feeling ill or are anxious about coming to the office, telehealth visits may be possible. Please feel free to call the office for additional information.”


Staff at DGS in Seaford stated that they’re continuing services.  The above announcement is currently on their website, however, most therapists have moved to telehealth.   If they have an established client, most therapists have already reached out or spoken with their clients to get consent to continue with telehealth visits.   If they haven’t received consent prior to this change, they’re doing verbal consent over the phone.   This will be the same with med checks.  Currently Dr. Parkhurst is on vacation but when she returns, she’ll be doing telehealth as well for medication checks.  For any new clients, all they need to do is contact the main number and they’ll direct them on any next steps. 


Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services

Phone: 1-800-722-7710


*Provides a statewide range of voluntary mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention services for children and youth.


Mobile Response Stabilization Services

Phone: 800-969-HELP

*When a family is in the midst of an emotionally charged situation involving a child who is struggling emotionally or behaviorally, it can be hard to decide what to do and how to calm things down. MRSS is available to address the needs of children through age 17.


Staff at MRS indicated that they’re currently taking calls for crisis, however, they are not doing home visits or responding to hospitals.   They have tele-therapy in place and are doing phone contacts.  They are doing verbal consents over the phone. 

Translated Resources: Gov.'s Letter on School Closure and Press Release

Attached please find the gov’s letter on school closures and the press release in Spanish and Haitian Creole.

DIAA Spring Sports Update

In response to Governor Carney’s Fifth Modification of  the Declaration of a State of Emergency for the State of Delaware Due to a Public Health Threat issued on March 22 and order that public schools remain closed through May 15 issued on March 23 to fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) continues with no sport activities for member schools.  The spring season is suspended while the Declaration of a State of Emergency is in effect and public schools remain closed. 


DIAA will continue to work with the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) regarding daily updates for matters related to COVID-19.  The DIAA Board of Directors will discuss and gather information from the Governor’s Office, DDOE, district, charter and private schools officials, spring sport committee chairs and the Delaware Sports Medicine Advisory Committee over the next few weeks regarding the impact to schools and the possibilities for spring sports once schools reopen.


“DIAA leaders understand this is a disappointing, frustrating and stressful time for all involved.  DIAA membership consists of strong leaders including administrators, athletic directors and coaches, and we appreciate your efforts as you lead your respective communities during this challenging time.  We will get through this together, and one day when the time is right, we will play again,” Executive Director Donna Polk said.


The DIAA office remains open during the Governor’s stay-at-home order and we will continue to serve the membership.  We will provide services remotely and will have access to office phone lines and email. 



For media inquiries contact Alison May at and information regarding DIAA email

City of Seaford Collaborative COVID-19 Message

Governor Carney issued a letter to educators and school communities

Over the past two weeks, we have implemented significant restrictions across Delaware to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Our goals are simple. We intend to limit the spread of COVID-19, prevent an increase in cases that our hospital systems cannot handle, and keep Delaware communities healthy.


We know this is an unusual and challenging time. I want to thank Delaware families, educators, and school leaders for all your work to keep Delawareans safe and healthy.


On March 13, after significant discussion with superintendents and charter school leaders, I ordered public schools to close through this Friday, March 27. This two-week period was intended to help school leaders and educators plan for what came next. We have spent a significant portion of the last week discussing plans for remote learning, the delivery of meals, and other social services.


Delaware children still deserve access to learning opportunities during this unusual time. And families rely on social services we deliver in our public schools. Tonight, I can share the following:


  • Districts and charter schools will remain closed through May 15.
  • Districts and charters are providing students with ongoing access to meals.
  • Districts and charters will work with their staffs to create remote instruction plans so students can continue to learn during this crisis. The Department of Education also has a list of learning activities.
  • The school calendar will likely be adjusted to go beyond when it was scheduled to end.
  • If possible, we hope to provide students with instruction, wraparound services, extracurriculars, and sports experiences once school resumes.
  • Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting plans to recommend forgiveness to the State Board of Education so that no district or charter would go beyond the end of June.
  • We submitted a waiver to the U.S. Department of Education requesting Delaware be exempt from assessment and accountability requirements for the 2019-20 school year. While we strongly believe in measuring results, we want to use any remaining time in this year's school calendar for student instruction.


As we learn more about COVID-19, I will continue to take necessary action to keep Delawareans safe and healthy. We will remain committed to communicating directly with school leaders and your communities about our response, and the path forward for our state.


Thank you for your work, your understanding, and your flexibility during this challenging time. Please visit for continued updates on Delaware’s response. We will get through this. 




Governor John Carney


PDF file of the letter from the Governor's Office

DOE' s COVID-19 Webpage

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) will be updating this site to provide timely education information, resources and support. For information about COVID-19, please call the Delaware Public Health information line at 1-866-408-1899,    1-866-408-1899, TTY at 1-800-232-5460.

Delaware State of Emergency Update for Coronavirus

Governor issues stay-at-home order for Delawareans.

Updated Meal Service by Seaford Nutrition Services Starting Monday, March 23rd

City of Seaford Collaborative COVID-19 Message

Seaford School District Launches COVID-19 Webpage & Learning Opportunities

On Friday March 20, the Seaford School District launched a webpage to support the school community with resources learning opportunities during the school closure as a result of COVID-19.  The site will be updated regularly.  In addition, we mailed home a communication to each individual student about learning opportunities that can be completed both with and without technology.  We are working on additional learning opportunities and will update the Seaford School District Community as we move forward.  Here is the link to the website:


COVID-19 Update Resources, Food Services, Learning Opportunities, Internet Connectivity

We are working closely with state and public health officials through this national state of emergency. Please review the attached document to find resources and help with internet connectivity. Optional learning opportunities will be shared soon.District Updates on COVID-19 Resources

Information for retrieval of student medications and Food Truck Schedule


As we cope with the variety of challenges posed by the school district closing, we would like to address the needs of our families who have children who take prescription medication during the school day.


For parents who need to retrieve prescription medications from the school for their child, we would ask you to do the following:

On Wednesday, March 18 between 8 and 10 AM, please call your school if you need to pick up medication for your child.

You will notify the secretary of your name, the name of your child, and that you'll be coming to the school for medication pick up.

School will be open later that same day -- Wednesday, March 18 -- between 10 AM and 2 PM with a school nurse present, for medication pick-up.

Calling first will allow the nurse to have your child's medication prepared for pick up and will make the process as quick as possible.

You will be required to sign a form that documents the type and quantity of medication being picked up.

We would also ask that you try to limit the number of individuals coming into the school for medication pick up.

Food Stop Schedule:

10:45am – 11:15am   Mobile Gardens

11:30am – 12:30pm   Blades Park

12:35pm – 1:35 pm   St. John’s UMC

10:45am – 11:15am   West Seaford ES – Pool Side

11:30am – 12:30pm   Clarence Street Church of God

12:35pm – 1:35pm   Seaford District Library

City of Seaford COVID-19 Message

The leaders of the City of Seaford have a video message in regards to the COVID-19 and its impact on the City of Seaford.

School Closure Update for Coronavirus

We have several updates for our community.

As you are aware schools are closed for the next two weeks.  We know this time off from school can be unsettling for both the students and parents, so we want to provide some updates and resources for our families.


We will work this week to Deep Clean our buildings.  Our custodians will follow a protocol recommended by health officials.  This will take some time so all buildings will be closed until Wednesday March 18.

Student Medication:

If parents need to pick up any medication that was left at school you can do so by calling the school office Wednesday March 18 from 8:00-10:00.  Our nurses will be in the buildings starting at 10:00 on Wednesday and will be able to return medication at this time.


Food Service:

Seaford School District will serve meals from our food trucks at four Seaford sites beginning Wednesday, March 18th.   This service will be similar to our popular Summer Food Service Program.


We will serve meals at the following locations and times:

  @ Clarence Street Church of God from 11:30am – 12:30pm

  @ Seaford District Library from 12:35pm – 1:35pm

  @ Blades Park from 11:30am – 12:30pm

  @ St. John’s UMC from 12:35pm – 1:35pm


  • We will be at each site for 60 minutes. 


  • Meals are for children 18 years old and younger.


  • We will hand out nutritious lunch meal bags and a healthy, start-up-the-day breakfast bag for children to consume the following morning.


  • The Salvation Army will provide meals for Seaford Meadows Apartments & Meadowbridge Apartments starting Monday, March 16.


  • We will begin serving meals Wednesday, March 18th.


Students must be present in order to receive the food.  Parents do not.  This is the same practice as our summer food program.


This is subject to change as we continue.  We will inform you again with any changes.


Learning Opportunities:

We will work to send home learning opportunities for students to take part in.  This work will be a review of previously taught material. 


We will continue to update our families through “all-calls”, Facebook, and our website.


Thank you.

Governor Carney declares a State of Emergency

Read the press release (Spanish) and the Official Declaration.

Governor directs all public schools to close March 16-27.

Dear Seaford Staff and Families:

In accordance with Governor Carney’s decision, and in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Seaford School District will be closed beginning on Monday, March 16, 2020 until March 27, 2020.

The District will continue to keep families informed through various communication tools, including our district website

Again, the Seaford School District will be closed for two weeks beginning Monday, March 16, 2020.